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The musical also represents a rare showcase for female vets. Bette Midler was 71 when she joined the club to headline the 2017 production that won four Tonys, including best actress and best revival of a musical. (The unstoppable Bernadette Peters, 69, is currently earning raves in the show, still going strong at Broadway’s Shubert Theatre.).

Palmer Course at Turtle Bay (Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay, 1992) was built, while the other seven lay fallow, and the front nine remained open. Then new owners came along and re created holes 13 and 14 using Fazio’s original plans, and the Fazio became whole again. It’s a terrific track with 90 bunkers.

Chevrolet Affectionately known as Chevy to generations of Americans, Chevrolet is the mainstream brand at General Motors, and celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2011. From the tiny Spark hatchback and the huge Impala sedan; from the sporty Camaro to the speedy Corvette; and from the spunky Trax crossover to the massive Silverado 3500 Heavy Duty pickup truck, chances are excellent that your local Chevy dealer sells something that will scratch your itch. Our guide contains the best selling Chevrolet models, listed below.

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