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Saul/Adi, Theo, and their panzer crew

She is Not My Girlfriend: In “Teh Finli”, after Rulzez saves Melee from the Sri Lankan pedophile, Melee immediately considers Rulzez as her boyfriend and starts telling everyone about it. Rulzez gets annoyed by this and constantly tells her to get out. Stylistic Suck. Fire Forged Friends: Vaclav Jezek, a Czech soldier who initially has a very poor opinion of Jews, and Benjamin Halevy, a French Czech Jew who is assigned to his regiment as a translator. The two soldier through the first Franco German War, and the Spanish Civil War together, becoming very close even as they continue to mock one another. Saul/Adi, Theo, and their panzer crew. Big Bad: The game has the killer terrorizing the protagonists on the mountain, eventually revealed to be Josh Washington, who wasn’t a real killer but an elaborate and vindictive prankster. After this is revealed, it turns out the real threat are the Wendigo, which haunt the mountain. Incidently, the “main” leader of the wendigo is Josh’s sister Hannah, who disappeared a year earlier.

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Last weekend, Nike athletes gathered in China for the Nike Festival of Sports – a weekend-long extravaganza promoted sport culture in China and the world. Representing the basketball wing of the Swoosh were Nike Basketball athletes LeBron James, Amare Stoudemire nike shoes wholesale , Chris Bosh, Tyson Chandler , and new recruit Kyrie Irving. Amare Stoudemire was spotted in Shanghai rocking the Nike Air Yeezy in the ‘Net’ colorway (a shoe that doesn’t look so high-top on him). We’ve caught Amare rocking some notable kicks before, like the Flint and Playoff XIII as well as the Cool Grey XI, but are these the best we’ve seen from him so far? Check out the extra shots of Amare at last weekend’s Nike Festival of Sports and let us know what you think.

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