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hermes birkin quanto costa hermes birkin replica 7 star hermes evelyne date code hermes kelly new hermes sandals ff12 hermes shoes indonesia hermes shoes mens 2018 hermes travel wallet thermos sportsman where s belton south carolina Back in October, when unapologetically cheeky designer Jeremy Scott was announced as the new creative director for Italian brand […]

Wham Episode: Chapter 32, and how

Blind Seer: Etlassi. Broken Bird: Tanya shows degrees of this thanks to her upbringing, largely her sister’s resentment and the expectations placed on her as a ‘prophetic hero.’ Chained Heat: In a sense, see the Our Souls Are Different entry. Crapsack World: Fighting, fighting everywhere! Dark and Troubled Past: Tanya. They even had a wedding. […]

Downer Ending: Coyotito is killed

The Drifter: O’Malley. The End: literally accosts Napoleon, who insists he’ll say when it’s the end. It has other ideas. I’m bored, so I’ll clean this up some more. I’m Teh Stanman, that was a nickname I made for myself back in. What? Middle school? Anyway, it unexpectedly caught on, and now that’s what I […]

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