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Torture Technician: For a diplomat

Planning Minister Matthew Guy salivates over Fishermans Bend as 240 hectares of potential new high rises a high density residential extension of Melbourne (”High rise utopia, or another pie in the sky pipe dream?”, Forum, 22/6). Where children will be condemned to vertical schools, denied outdoor places to explore and play in. It’s a human […]

Might Citizens United be overruled? Roe v

One Winged Angel: Subverted with The Conqueror. Although he does get more powerful when you drain half his health (and gains a red glow), the only thing that changes otherwise is his swapping out the Valeria Heart sword for his old fashioned mitts. Though he does gain a few new tricks while he’s at it, […]

So stop living from the subconscious and develop your

A joyful, healthy, stress free life is available when you express your true thoughts, feelings, and preferences. So stop living from the subconscious and develop your consciousness. This can be done by throwing out all such beliefs, thoughts and emotions which are being accumulated in your mind as toxins. The Ageless: The Elves, Ents and […]